Alberto Monti Outlet

Alberto Monti OUTLET

The Alberto Monti shop is located in Monte Urano (63813) in the province of Fermo in Via Papa Giovanni XXIII Exactly Here ->

Delighted if you stop over and vist our store, you can find here our full range of products including extra large models, (47/48/49),

last “news” and our beautiful Belts and bags made in the best fine top quality leathers. This can be also the right opportunity for you to “build”your unique product and for us to take the measurement of your feet.

You can also visit our “lab” and we can show you how your shoes are made and the different production cycle. 


“On Demand

We can tailor all our product on your specific need and demand,

just drop your request to our and we will be able to help you


Sneakers, Classic Boots, Classic lace-up Ackle boots

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Formal Shoes, Wedding Shoes, Elegant Shoes

modelli classici
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Sample Book historical re-enactment

Custom shoes and accessories for historical re-enactments

campioni rievocazioni
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contattaci per informazioni sulle nostre scarpe dedicate alle rievocazioni storiche